PHOTO CREDITS: Cover Figure: Eric Beggs; Interior Figures: Katherine Wetzel from the book by Elizabeth King "Attention's Loop: A Sculptor's Reverie on the Coexistence of Substance and Spirit"; Interior Marionette Figure by Albrecht Roser and John Kurten, Photographs by Richard Termine; Kids Page Figures by Jonathan Edward Cross, Photographs by Kolin Smith; The Far Side of the Moon: Sophie Grenier; Street of Blood: Trudie Lee; Stowaways: Philippe Genty; Gustaf and His Ensemble: Ingrid Höfer; Snuffhouse Dustlouse: Courtesy of Faulty Optic; Salomé: Richard Termine; A Prelude to Faust: Ralph Berlovitz; Women's Songs: Courtesy of White Goat Theater; Psyche: Heidi Shalloway; Theater of The Ears: Steve Gunther; Echo Trace: Glen Turner; Millennium Autopsy: Jolans Fung; The Girl Who Watered Basil & The Nosy Prince: Courtesy of Teatro de las Estaciones; Everyday Uses for Sight: Nos. 3 and 7: Tom Brazil; Hunchback: Stephanie Howard; Hand Shadows: Courtesy of Prasanna Rao; Short Stories: Courtesy of Teatro Hugo & Ines; Night Behind The Windows: Jacqueline Chin; Assemblage of Souls: Kolin Smith; Two Tales from Japan: Courtesy of Otome Bunraku; Three Tales by Poe: Robert Bresnick; Theater of Light:Rudi Stern; Late Night Cabaret: Courtesy of The Elementals; The Mukishi: Patrick Demarchelier; Hollebollebeer: Ton Poortvliet; Sleeping Beauty: Vernon Leat; Simple Gifts: Courtesy of The Cashore Marionettes

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