Teatron Theater
Kafka, Or The Search Goes On

Dance Theater Workshop
September 14-19

Yehuda Almagor: actor, director & adaptation
Rusti Warhust: actor, dramaturg for the English version
Roni Cohen: lighting designer
Roni Porat: composer (music)
Erica Sapir & Dina Kaplan: set design, requisites & masks
Ulla Almagor: dramaturgy for the German version

Support provided by:
Kulturamt Arnsberg, Ministerium für Stadtentwicklung, Kultur und Sport des Landes NRW, Rabinovicz Foundation of Art, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem Foundation, The Israeli Council for Art and Culture, Office of Cultural Affairs in the USA, Consulate General of Israel in New York

THE TEATRON THEATER was founded in Arnsberg, Germany, in 1992 by the Israeli-born actor and director Yehuda Almagor and the German-studies specialist Ursula Almagor. As a free theater group, the Teatron Theater pursues its own innovative path. The unique character of this theater's productions is a result of the cooperation of artists from the area of traditional theater and from what is referred to as visual theater, which incorporates stage design, figures, masks, props, lighting, etc., as central and meaningful elements. The Teatron Theater has two original productions to its credit so far: The Dwarf, a mono-drama based on Pär Lagerkvist's novel by the same name, and Kafkaesques, or Everybody's Got a Ticklish Heel. The production of The Dwarf has been performed over 250 times at international festivals and on stages in Israel and Europe with great success, winning two theater awards. The Teatron Theater is innovative and communicative at the same time, it invites the members of the audience to peek backstage and gain insight into how theater comes about. Workshops on various topics form the primary bridge between theater-makers and theater-watchers and aim to encourage people of all ages to take up the challenge of theater in this world of electronic media, discover it to be fun and interesting, and develop a creativity of their own.