Stuffed Puppet Theater

The Public Theater
September 15, 16, 17, 18, 19

Starring: Salomé, Jokanaan, Herod Antipas, Herodias, the executioner Naaman, and Big John Actor,
Puppets, Costumes and Concept: Neville Tranter
Script and Direction: Luk van Meerbeke
Choreography Consultant: Lisa Marcus
Music: Ake Danielson
Lighting Design: Matthias Vogels
Costumes: Carin Eilers
Photography: Erwin Olaf
Sound Engineering : Lennart Vroomans
Light Technician: Desirée van Gelderen
Production Manager: Mathilde Löffler
Assistance: Marianne Aerts
Production: Stuffed Puppet Theatre
Tour Management: Kleine Spui Produkties

This production has been sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

Additional support provided by the Fund for Performing Arts/Theater Instituut Nederland and the Consulate General of the Netherlands.

STUFFED PUPPET THEATRE Neville Tranter (Toowoomba, Australia) completed his drama studies with the US director Robert Gist in Queensland in 1976. He has also trained with the Billbar Puppet Theatre. He founded the Stuffed Puppet Theatre in 1976. After the Stuffed Puppet Theatre had taken part in the Festival of Fools in Amsterdam in 1978, Neville Tranter moved to the Netherlands, where his visual and emotional adult puppet theatre developed to assume its present form. In his own brutal, ruthless but poetic way, he confronts the audience with their fears and dreams, urges and desires, personified by what are often life-size talking puppets. Combining a minimal décor with a sophisticated use of rhythm, lighting and sound, using the oldest devices of the theatre as well as state of the art technology, solo on stage, with nothing but his puppets, but with a number of assistants behind the scenes, Neville Tranter is capable of evoking images that the audience will not forget for a long time. His combination of down to earth humor, deadly seriousness and virtuoso puppetry has already made permanent converts of lots of spectators who Œdidn't want anything to do with puppets.¹