Teatro Hugo & Ines
Short Stories

The Public Theater
September 15, 16, 17, 18

Created and performed by Ines Pasic & Hugo Suarez

It is a picturesque parade of amusing characters which, in the brief moments of their existence on the scene, seek to catch those poetic moments that are hidden in daily life. These characters, with their dreams and frustrations, with their successes and failures, narrate to us the eternal drama of the human tragicomed.

TEATRO HUGO & INES was founded in 1986 by Peruvian mime artist Hugo Suarez and Bosnian performer Ines Pasic. Their paths crossed in Italy where Hugo was performing mime on the streets. Ines, a trained pianist from the Sarajevo Conservatory, began to study pantomime with Hugo and quickly discovered that her dexterity on the keyboard had provided her with tools that would be useful in mime. They since have discovered the expressive possibilities of each different part of the human body: the hands, the feet, the knees, the face, giving life to a theater of surprising characters. The Hugo & Ines Theater has produced the following shows: Return to Darkness in 1987, The Adventures of Ginocchio in 1989 and Short Stories in 1996. Beloved the world over, Hugo and Ines have toured festivals from Europe to Hong Kong.