Faulty Optic
Bubbly Beds

The Public Theater
September 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

Devised and performed by Liz Walker and Gavin Glover
Video operator: Steve Tiplady
Music composed and recorded by Hugh Nankivell
Stage design by Gavin Glover
Sets and puppets by Liz Walker, Gavin Glover and Martin Smith

This production was originally part of the trilogy Shot at the Troff (1996) which received project funding from the Arts Council of England.

Sponsored by Virgin Atlantic and The British Council

FAULTY OPTIC was founded in 1987 by Liz Walker and Gavin Glover. They combined their experience of working with puppets at the Little Angel Marionette Theatre, London, their interest in 3D film animation, mechanical sculpture, automata and surreal humour to produce a bizarre puppet theatre for adults. The Company has since toured to theatres and Festivals from Indonesia to Canada. Their shows include My Pig Speaks Latin (1988), Snuffhouse Dustlouse (1990), Darwins Dead Herring (1993), Shot at the Troff (1996) and Tunnel Vision (1998).