The Cosmic Bicycle Theatre
Dr. Kronopolis & the Time Keeper Chronicles

(a Space Opera)
Los Kabayitos Puppet Theater
September 24-26

Written, Directed and Designed by Jonathan Edward Cross
The Ensemble: Evan Blackford, Tommy Cheng, Jonathan Cross, Sean-Michael Fleming, and Matthew Lavin
Scenic & Graphic Design: Sean-Michael Fleming
Costumes: Seana Gordon
Lighting: Terry Jackson
Moon Squid Designed & Built by Liz Joyce
Additional Assistance: Jennifer Ifill

The Cosmic Bicycle Theatre wishes to thank the 1998 Friends Of The Wheel for their gracious support,

Celestial Clock Workers: Cheryl Henson, Diana Korzenik, Jane Henson,
Wheel Guardians: Heather Henson,
Spokespeople: Janie Geiser, Carol Korty, Max Phillips, Elizabth Murray & Bob Holman, Theodore & Judith Schatzberg.

THE COSMIC BICYCLE THEATRE was founded in Boston in 1989 by Artistic Director Jonathan Edward Cross. Early productions included S.I. Wirkiewitz¹s The Madman and the Nun, using life-sized bunraku puppets, Moliere¹s The Miser, a depression-era commedia using half-masques, and (by Director Cross) Stories From The Four Corners Of The Wheel, a mythic overture to the Cosmic Bicycle¹s own cosmology. On March 1st of 1995 Cross and Associate Director Sean-Michael Fleming co-founded Puppetry The ClockWorks Experimental Theatre, as a home for the company. Since opening The Clockworks, the company has presented five original full-length works by J.E. Cross: The Mechanical, a haunting ghost story about war and loss, The Marriage of Mother Earth and Father Sky, a folk pageant about nature, life, and renewal; NetherWorld, A Morality Vaudeville, demonic puppets humorously re-enact the follies of humanity; The Alchemical Work, ancient texts illuminated and brought to life; and Dr. Kronopolis and the TimeKeeper Chronicles‹A Space Opera. The company has also produced three miniature works: Clockwork Universalis (or The Marvels of the Universe), the inner workings of time and space viewed through the panes of an antique window, Venus Envy, a puppet peep-show, and Thanatopsis, a meditation on death. The company was featured in 1996 International Festival of Puppet Theater¹s Late Night Cabaret at P.S. 122 as well as The Downtown Arts Festival, and has appeared on MTV and in commercials for its sister network, M2. In 1996, the company received the Off-Off Broadway Review Award for excellence in theatre for our production of NetherWorld, A Morality Vaudeville.