Carter Family Marionettes & Ocheami
Sigi the Antelope

The Public Theater
September 12, 13

Puppet design & carving: Stephen Carter
Costumes: Chris Carter
Dramatization & puppets: Stephen & Chris Carter
Music & Dance: Kofi, Amma & Sunai Anang
Consultants: Won-Ldy Paye, Liberian storyteller & musician; Pam McClusky, Curator, African & Oceanic Collection, Seattle Art Museum Stories The Talking Yam from the Dan Tribe of Liberia as told by Won-Ldy Paye Magotu & the Boogey Man from the Mende Tribe of Sierra Leone The Chicken & the Crocodile from the Dan Tribe of Liberia as told by Won-Ldy Paye

CARTER FAMILY MARIONETTES Stephen & Chris Carter have been professional puppeteers for over twenty years. Their work as itinerant puppeteers has taken them to the alleyways of Palermo, the mountains of Transylvania, the bazaars of Uzbekistan and the foggy beaches of Neah Bay. In 1986 they founded the Northwest Puppet Center in an old church in Seattle - a permanent home for puppets with a charming and intimate theater studios, puppet museum, library and store. They are the directors of the 1999 Puppeteers of America Festival of the Millennium which will be held in Seattle August 1 - 7, 1999.

OCHEAMI Kofi Anang performed with the Ghanan National Dance Ensemble for many years before starting his own West African dance and music ensemble. Amma Anang is a graduate of Mills College with an MFA in Dance. Together they share the rich culture of West Africa with children and adults through performances and classes. They are joined by their son Sunai, who has been dancing Sigi since he was two months old.