Theater Laku Paka

The Public Theater
September 14, 15, 21, 22

Based on the Grimm Brothersı childhood tale Written, staged, and performed by Günter Staniewski Puppets by Günter Staniewski Alfred In The Hay - And In The Way Written, staged and performed by Günter Staniewski Music by Pascal Comelade, Die Knödel Directed by Martin Bachmann.

THEATER LAKU PAKA of Germany was created 12 years ago by skilled solo puppeteer Günter Staniewski, whom one critic calls a perfect puppet-master and true vocal acrobat. Mr. Staniewski writes many of his own plays and many original works; others are charming renditions of classical childrenıs tales. Theater Laku Paka has been featured in various German television productions, as well as in festivals throughout Europe, the United States, Canada, Taiwan and Cameroon.