El Periférico De Objetos
Gesell Chamber

by Gesell Chamber
The Public Theater
September 17, 18, 19, 20, 21

Theater Adaption by David Veronese and Emilio García Wehbi
Performers: Ana Alvaro, Emilio García Wehbi, Alejandro Tantanian
Guest Actress: Laura Yusem Off
Voice: Alejandro Tanatanian
Translation: Eduardo Hojman
Lightning: Jorge Doliszniak
Music Programming: Claudio Koremblit
Costumers: Rosana Barcena
Scenography: El Periférico de Objetos
Photography and Assistant Direction: Emilio García Wehbi and Daniel Veronese
Music: U. Torikai, J. La Barbara, O. Messiaen, D. Moss, Reicef, G. Bijna, J. Cage, E. Satie, P. Garland, S. Scott, C. Santos, A. Homler, M. Rendolfi, J. Leandre, G. Scesi

EL PERIFÉRICO DE OBJETOS literally translates to Œthe Periphery of Objects.¹ Founded in 1989, the Company is known as one of Argentina¹s most creative theater groups. Its contemporary productions feature dark foot-high Bunraku-style puppets and dolls. Since their beginning, this innovative company has participated in multiple theater and puppet festivals, as well as having been awarded the Prize for the Theater Creation, and the Arlequin, Maria Guerreno, Funcun, Ollantay, Pepin el 88, and ACE prizes.