Mabou Mines
Peter and Wendy

The Public Theater
September 18, 19, 20, 21, 22

From the novel by J.M. Barrie
Producer: Liza Lorwin
Adapted by Liza Lorwin
Directed by Lee Breuer
Music by Johnny Cunningham
Set, Lights and Puppets by Julie Archer
Narrator: Karen Kandel

Peter: Basil Twist with Sarah Provost and Sam Hack
Hook: Jane Catherine Shaw with Jenny Subjack and Lute Ramblin
Nana: Sam Hack with Sarah Provost and Jenny Subjack Jane: Jane Catherine Shaw with Jenny Subjack and Jessica Smith
Smee: Sarah Provost
Peterıs Shadow: Jane Catherine Shaw
The Neverbird: Jessica Smith
Lost Boys, Shadow Puppets, John and Michael, others: Puppeteer Ensemble

Fiddle: Johnny Cunningham
Vocals: Susan Mc Keown
Celtic Harp, Guitar: Jay Ansill
Flute & Whistles: Maureen Doherty
Accordion: Jimmy Keane
Percussion: Jay Peck

Puppet Design and Construction:
Peter, Hook, Jane, Nana, Smee: Julie Archer
The Lost Boys: Walter Stark
Shadow Puppets: Stephen Kaplin
The Neverbird: Basil Twist
Crocodile mask and tail: Jane Catherine Shaw
Costumes: Sally Thomas
Sound: Edward Cosla

Puppetry Direction:
Jane Catherine Shaw, Basil Twist
Fight Direction: B.H. Barry
Film: Andrew Moore
Lyrics: Johnny Cunningham with Lee Breuer & Liza Lorwin
Associate Lightning Designer: Steven Shelley
Assistant Lightning Designer: Judi Daitsman
Set Construction: Brian Daves
Stage Management: Cat Domiano
Production Management: Technical Theater Service
Company Management: Sharon Fogarty

World Premiere - Spoleto Festival U.S.A. 1996

Karen Kandel is a member of Actorsı Equity Association.

All lyrics by Johnny Cunningham except:
The Pirate Song by J.M. Barrie
The Wendy House Song by Liza Lorwin
Two is the Beginning of the End (Theme) by Lee Breuer
The Wolves of Neverland/The Lost Boys Lament by Breuer, Cunningham, and Lorwin

This production is made possible in part with generous funding from the Ira and Leonore Gershwin Philanthropic Fund, The Jim Henson Foundation, and the Martin E. Mangel Foundation. A workshop production of Peter & Wendy was co-produced with Arts at Saint Annıs, Susan Feldman, Director, in association with Mark Taper Forum. Further development was co-sponsored by Arizona State University West, New York Theater Workshop, and Tennessee 200 - Bicentennial Celebration.

Financial Management for Mabou Mines: Theater Sense Attorney for Peter and Wendy: Nan Bases Production Assistant for Peter and Wendy: Mojo Lorwin Sound Design for Spoleto Festival USA World Premier: Geoff Freeman

Our thanks to: Dee Archer, Jason Boyd, Rick Cole, Peter Davis, Ghretta Hynd, Pam Kuras, Ellen Levy, Tom Light, Betty Lorwin, Boris Lorwin, Lynn Lorwin, Ruth Maleczech, Wah Mohn, Edith Peck, Ella Rae Peck, Verne Peck, Rob Rick, Rhys Williams, and to Nigel Reddin

MABOU MINES (Co-Artistic Directors-Lee Breuer, Ruth Maleczech, Fred Neuman, Terry OıReilly) is a collaborative theater company founded in 1970. Their well over two dozen works have opened at numerous theatres in New York City and toured throughout the U.S., Europe, Australia, South America and Asia. The company has received over 50 awards for excellence, including the 1986 OBIE for Sustained Achievement. Mabou Minesı history with the bunraku style dates to Shaggy Dog Animation in 1978 and includes A Prelude to Death in Venice, The Warrior Ant (the first performance in an American play by a master puppeteer from the National Puppet Theater of Osaka), and An Epidog.