Hystopolis Productions
Ubu Roi by Alfred Jarry

Adapted from a translation by Sherry C.M. Lindquist
The Public Theater
September 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

Original Musical Composition by Evan Chen Artistic
Director: Michael H. Schwabe
Technical Director/Stage Manager: James C. Rossow
Producer/Director: Lawrence J. Basgall

James C. Cholpek
Lolly Extract
Rick Goodman
Dave Herzog
Frank Kreft
Matthew P. Lindquist
Alexander Milovancevic
Jeffrey O. Porter
Michael Schwabe

Design and Construction: Jessica Allen, Lawrence Basgall, Brian Bartz, Megan Carrow, Pam Clouse, James S. Chlopek, Elliot Curtler, Lolly Extract, Rick Goodman, Adrian Halfer, Dave Herzog, Thomas Heskin, Frank Kreft, Amy Lengenecker, Matthew P. Lindquist, Serry C.M. Lindquist, Alexander Milovancevic, Aaron Payne, Jeffrey O. Porter, Michael Schwabe, Terrie von Loewe

This production was originally produced on March 15, 1996, at Rosary College in River Forest, Illinois. This production is funded, in part, by grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, the City of Chicago, Department of Cultural Affairs, The Jim Henson Foundation, and The Stuart R. Abelson Fund of the Lester S. Abelson Foundation.

HYSTOPOLIS PRODUCTIONS has delighted audiences for many years with cutting-edge, entertaining productions for adults and children, touring in the U.S. and in residency in Chicago. A not-for-profit corporation founded in 1982, Hystopolis is dedicated to fostering an appreciation of puppetry as legitimate theater among a growing world audience. Hystopolis creates productions that are true to historical and traditional forms, but push the envelope of design innovation. The company strives for a standard of excellence in order to inspire artists of other disciplines to incorporate puppetry as a means of expression. Through master classes, internships, and workshops, Hystopolis makes puppetry accessible to artists, teachers, and students alike. Hailed by Chicago critics as "hip" and "superb," Hystopolis has won critical acclaim across the country for its production of Elmer Ricešs The Adding Machine and is capturing similar attention with its production of Alfred Jarryšs Ubu Roi.