Green Ginger
Frank Einstein (Born To Be Wired
The Public Theater
September 19, 20, 21, 22

Designed by Terry Lee & Chris Pirie
Loosely based on a novel by Mary Shelley
Performers: Terry Lee, Chris Pirie
Technician: Dik Downey
Director: Bim Mason
Design & Construction: The Company

GREEN GINGER Microtheater from Wales was founded in 1978 by Terry Lee, a drama graduate from Birmingham University who moved to London to work with theater and puppet groups. There he worked on the British TV satire Spitting Image and Jim Henson Productionsı films Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal; and Warner Brotherıs Little Shop of Horrors. After successful series of one man shows, he teamed up with visual artist Chris Pirie in 1986; and in 1992 they were joined by Dik Downey, an experienced street performer with Britainıs well-known Desperate Men. Green Ginger has performed in 12 different languages, touring the globe, from Memphis to Moscow and has even performed in the Arctic Circle! This seasonıs touring shows include Frank Einstein, Madame Zero, Gaston the Street Artist, and many others.