Forman Brothers
The Baroque Opera

The Public Theater
September 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

Starring: Matej Forman Milan Forman Petr Forman
Musician: Viteszlav Janda
Light and Pyrotechnical Effects: Ing. Zdenek Boruvka
Designer: Jan Marek, Miroslav Trejtnar
Masks: Matej Forman
Music: Karel Loos
Costumers: Blanka VilÝmovna, Dana Tomancova, Stepanka
Kasparova Directed by: Petr Forman & Kolektiv
Pyrotechnics Specialist: Pan Kolman
Lightning Specialist: Frantisek Batysta
He Who Drew Attention To The Theme: Ctibour Turba
The Actors Sets Of Teeth Carefully And Expertly Taken Care of by Dr. Marian Hosek.
Our Singing Paragons: Placido Domingo, Luciano Pavarotti, JosÚ Carreras.

Special thanks to the Trust for Mutual Understanding and the Czech Center New York.

FORMAN BROTHERS twins Petr and Matej Forman (sons of renowned filmmaker Milos Forman) and Milan Forman (not related) joined in 1989 to create the Forman Brothers. In 1992 the company debuted with the production of Baroque Opera, and each year present a new project. Since 1992 the Forman Brothers have cooperated with the Theatre Nationale de Bretagne, and have toured not only in France, but all over the globe. Petr, Matej, and Milan also produce projects independently.