Evolve Productions in association with Redlands proudly presents:
A Rare Performance

The Public Theater
September 21, 22

The Puppeteers: Joshua Campbell Eugene Chang Rebecca di Corpo Hovig Evanian Kyle Hulsbosch Michael Lindsey Simpson Clare Rainbow Christina Sabato Saskia Smith Jillian Waters
Writer/Director: Michael Lindsey Simpson
Music: Russell Finch, Michael Lindsey Simpson, Brydon Stace
Original Frog Ballet by Lachlan Robbins
Puppets: Phillipp Einfeld, Bill Jackson and Jillian Waters
Set Design: Kyle Hulsbosch

Our special thanks to our sponsors: Harrow Media, Kyle Hulsbosch Design, Redlands, and United Airlines.

A Rare Performance was adapted from the water color paintings of rare and endangered Australian plants by Helen Leitch.

EVOLVE PRODUCTIONS comes to the festival from Australia with their production, A Rare Performance. Michael Lindsay Simpson, the creator of Evolve Productions, graduated from college with a degree in law from the University of Sydney. After a short-lived job in a barristeršs office, he walked out to try his hand at theater, and studied with the Actors Centre in Sydney and the Sydney Dance Company. Now a successful puppeteer, his productions draw on the talents he developed when he was one of 12 people chosen from all over the world to study with Philippe Genty at the International Institute of Puppetry in Paris.