Amoros et Augustin & Ki-Yi M¹bock Théâtre
Sunjata: The Manding Epic

The New Victory Theater
September 13-15

Artistic Directors: Luc Amoros and Michéle Augustin
Written and Directed by Werewere Liking
Conceived and directed by Luc Amoros
Musical score composed by Richard Harmelle

Michéle Augustin-Puppeteer
Bomou Mamadou-Puppeteer
Bony Gnahore-Percussion
Richard Harmelle-Synthesizer
Nserel N¹Jock-Puppeteer
Zadi To Jonas-Percussion

Technical Director: Jean-Pierre Schall

Founded in 1976 by Luc AMOROS & Michéle AUGUSTIN, this Strasbourg, France-based company has created more than 19 different productions and toured throughout the world. Heirs to the centuries-old tradition of shadow theater, their cinematic productions combine fluid storytelling, beautifully crafted and expertly manipulated puppets, music and sound to create individually drawn and wholly conceived universes where the fantastic and real‹at once contemporary and timeless‹meet. A scriptwriter, director and puppet master, Luc Amoros has carried out the plastic conception, and scenography and direction of all the company¹s shows. Michéle Augustin has co-written and adapted the company¹s scripts, is responsible for directing the puppet manipulation and has been a puppet handler for all of the company¹s shows. Richard Harmelle has composed the scores for productions by Amoros et Augustin since 1984. In addition to an extensive French performance history, during the last five years the company¹s work has been presented in theater and puppetry festivals in Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica, Cuba, Guatemala, Morocco, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Israel, Spain, Portugal and Germany. Among their many recognitions, Sunjata was given the l¹Arlequin d¹Or à Cannes in 1992.

KI-YI M¹BOCK Created in 1985 in Abidjan, capital city of Côte d¹Ivoire, and directed by Werewere Liking, Ki-Yi M¹Bock is an 80 member collective made up of African artists from a dozen nations, primarily in West Africa, who knit together a variety of African traditions to create theater, music, sculpture, jewelry and clothing. Without any government grants, they support themselves by touring their shows and selling their wares. It includes a gallery, a photo and audiovisual lab, workshops, a museum-theater and open air terraces for rehearsals and performances. The Ki-Yi M¹Bock Theatre produces and tours a large range of plays and audio visual productions. Werewere Liking gets her inspiration from all sources of artistic expression: writing, directing, sculpture, textile and clothing design and music are all strings of her bow. She is a pioneer of contemporary African expression. Born in Cameroon, Werewere Liking briefly lived in Mali before settling in Côte d¹Ivoire. She is a passionate advocate of African cultures and is especially knowledgeable about Malian, Zairian and Nigerian cultures. After six years of university research and teaching, traveling to various village schools and European workshops and experiencing both international and African village tours, she became more and more aware of the necessity of research specific to her people and a need for professional status for African artists.