Alchemilla Puppetworks
Puppets, Music And The Unexpected

The Public Theater
September 21, 22

Conceived, created, and performed by Bernd Ogrodnik

I gratefully acknowledge the support of all the artists that have been shared with me their visions, their enthusiasm, joy, magic, talent, wisdom and love.

Special Thanks to George Latshaw.

ALCHEMILLA PUPPETWORKS was founded in 1986 by Bernd Ogrodnik, a German-born puppetmaker and performer who is often described as a modern renaissance man. He was trained as a classical musician, has illustrated several childrenšs books, and has run a successful woodworking business for many years. As a puppeteer, he is able to bring together all of his talents to create beautiful productions, which he describes as a Œfood for the soul, not chewing gum for the eyes.š Mr. Ogrodnikšs acclaimed productions and exquisite marionette and puppet creations have been presented on stages, television, and in film, both in Europe and the United States.