Shadow Play Theater Company
In Xanadu

The Public Theater
September 16, 17, 18
(World Premiere)

Produced and Directed by Larry Reed
Assistant Producer: Kate Beddall
Assistant Director: L. Shinichi Koga
Created by Writers: Larry Reed & Zara Houshmand
Composer: Miguel Frasconi
Scenic Designer: Margaret Hatcher
Sound Designer: Phillip Sawyer
Puppet Designers: Kathryn Otoshi and Wendy Morton
Technical Director: Matthew Antaky
Actors: Shi-Zheng Chen, Tashi Dhondup, Tsering Wangmo, Maxine Heppner, and Alenka Mullin
Narrators: Belinda Sullivan and Larry Reed
Original Music Performed Live by Miguel Frasconi and Sarah Willner
Traditional Music Performed by Shi-Zheng Chen, Tashi Dondup, Tsering Wangmo
Stage Manager: Kate Beddall
Sound Mixers: L. Shinichi Koga and Randy Guerrero
Light Operators: Tim Smith, Paul Measom, Kenjiro Otani and Natalie Rinker

SHADOW PLAY THEATER COMPANY is a twenty-year old San Francisco theatre company that explores the use of shadows and a vehicle for storytelling. Artistic director Larry Reed is a filmmaker and theatre artist who has trained extensively in Asian Theater. One of the very few westerners to have trained as a Balinese dalang, or shadow master, he has performed Balinese shadow plays in four languages and on three continents over the past two decades. In recent years he has begun to experiment in his own original productions with a giant screen format and multiple light sources integrating the shadows of people and puppets. In Xanadu is a grand collaboration of twenty artists from many disciplines and backgrounds, combining skills from Tibetan and Chinese Opera, storytelling, animation, traditional Greek shadow puppetry and graphic design.