The Ghost Sonata

The Public Theater
September 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
(U.S. Premiere)

Adapted from The Ghost Sonata by August Strindberg
Adaptation, design and direction by Roman Paska
Music composed by Richard Termini

Helena Nilson
Pär Heimdahl
Jorge Onofri

Puppet construction: Arne Högsander & Karin Magnusson
Lightning Design: Stephen Strawbridge
Sound: Homero Alvarez
Technician: Per Jonsson
Producer: Kerstin Olander
Public Relations: Anna Granehult
Founder and Director of Marionetteatern: Michael Meschke

Supported, in part, by a grant from the American-Scandinavian Foundation.

Special thanks to Lufthansa.

MARIONETTEATERN, Sweden¹s first professional puppet theatre, was founded in 1958 by Michael Meschke, who introduced the art of puppetry to Sweden. Marionetteatern has always performed for children as well as for adults. The theatre is well known for its experimental approach, its daring innovation and originality. All traditional techniques are used, as well as combinations and invented methods. Marionetteatern has a wide international commitment and tours its productions throughout the world. As a part of that commitment, international guest performances and directors, such as Roman Paska from New York, are often invited to Sweden.

ROMAN PASKA has been presenting solo shows with puppets in theatres, galleries, and festivals since 1979, and has also directed a number of group productions with actors, musicians and puppets. The 1992 International Festival of Puppet Theatre presented the world premiere of his "little mental drama" The End of the World. The Ghost Sonata is his first co-production with Marionetteatern.