Suzy Ferriss
The Box of Night and Other Works

The Public Theater
September 12, 13, 14, 15
(New York Premiere)

Written, Designed and Directed by Suzy Ferriss
Music by John Carreta with Julie Jumper for The Mystery Play
Aaron Bowie
Jeff Polston
Jane Catherine Shaw
Pamela Shook
Dom Smith
Gregg Wallace
with Suzy Ferriss for The Box of Night

Lightning Design: Liz Lee Lightning
Technician: Ross Mielke
Stage Manager: Sean Bourne
Technical Director: Bill Harrison
Puppet, Projection and Set Construction: Anne Boston, Sean Bourne, Aaron Bowie, Suzy Ferriss, Lesley Grant, Bill Harrison, Robert Hintz, Robin Howard, Leigh Hudspeth, Walter Stark, Troi Hieronymus Thad, Gregg Wallace, and David Zieger

Costumer: Jane Catherine Shaw Mask
Construction: Stephanie Kaskel

Arnies Cow goes to New York

Arnies Cow operated by Aaron Bowie
Horse with a lot to think about operated by Jane Catherine Shaw
Narrator: Jim Brooks
Other voices: Jane Catherine Shaw, Aaron Bowie, Annie Peyerie, Rob Gal.

The Mystery Play

Zero Naught operated by Jeff Polston
Mr. Knight operated by Aaron Bowie
Domino Rouge operated by Pamela Shook

Narrator: Annie Peterie
Zero Naught: Jim Brooks
Domino Rouge: Nita Hardy
Others: Lee Cole, Peter Hart, Julie Jumper, Jon Ludwig, Gregg Wallace

This work was originally created, in part, through a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and The Rockefeller Foundation.

The Box of Night

Narrator: Arron Bowie
Other Voices: Bobby Box, Lee Cole, Suzy Ferriss, Jon Ludwig, Gregg Wallace
Singers: Kim Bowers Rheay and Suzy Ferriss The Box of Night and Other Works was originally produced at the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta.

SUZY FERRISS, a painter and visual artist, has been exploring the interpretive possibilities of puppet theatre since 1988. Living in Atlanta, she learned of the experimental work being performed at the Center for Puppetry Arts about the same time that a few people from the Center took note of her paintings at local showings. They encouraged her to bring her two dimensional characters to life through dance, full-body costumes, rod puppets and shadow images. She creates works which stretch the boundaries of the visual arts until the two dimensional media spills over into a new dimension. Suzy has been exhibiting work as a professional visual artist since 1978 and her work has been included in collections around the country. Her process includes taking her paintings and drawings and transforming them into performance pieces, utilizing raw materials, found objects, elaborate overhead and shadow work, and human actors performing as puppet characters.