Theatre Drak

The Public Theater
September 10, 11, 12 & 13
(United States Premiere)

Performed by Jan Pilar, Vaclav Poul, Jan Bilek, Ladislav Perina, Jeri Krestan, Jaroslav Hudossek and Petr Macl
Written by M. Klima, Josef Krofta, Petr Matasek and Vladimir Zajic
Directed by Josef Krofta
Assistant Directed by Michael D÷meova
Lighting Design by Milan Steklik
Set Design, Costumes and Puppets by Petr Matasek
Music by Jiri Vysohlid
Choreograpy by Antonin Klepac
Sound by Jiri Tulach

U.S. tour organized with Heather Mathiesan Slosar, Impossible Project International.

This production is funded, in part, by the Trust for Mutual Understanding.

THEATRE DRAK was founded in 1959 in Hradec Kralove, 80 kilometers outside of Prague. In the early sixties, Drak (Czech for dragon) developed and refined a Bohemian marionette play and gained a large local following. Since 1964, the company has toured extensively, mounting more than 7,000 performances in 350 venues. Current Artistic Director Josef Krofta first staged work for Drak in 1971. During his tenure, the company has made two trips to the U.S.: Lubbock, TX, in 1978 and Washington, D.C. in 1980. In addition to is duties at Drak, Josef Krofta serves on the advisory committee for Czechoslovakia╣s Ministry of Culture. He has also begun appointed Director of the famed Prague Academy of Puppet Theatre.