Memories, Dreams & Illusions

The Public Theater
September 10, 11, 13, 19 & 20
(New York Premiere)

Performed by
Marcello Frasca
Roberto Uriona
Miriam Gonzalez
Ibis Perla
Logarzo and Carlos Uriona

Written and Directed by Diablomundo
Executive Producer: Lito Gordin
Lighting Design by Ariel Calvis
Set Design by Roberto Uriana
Music by Raul Carnota
Choreography by Diablomundo
Costumes by Miriam Gonza
Puppets by Jorge Sansoti

This production was funded, in part, by Fundacion Antorcha and the Consulate General of Argentina. Special thanks to Max Soler, Philip Arnoult and Angela Dellapiane.

DIABLOMUNDO emerged from the suburbs of Buenos Aires in 1985. The company has toured much of South America with its large scale rod puppets, finding audiences in schools, urban districts, theatres and festivals. It plays, which include El Fuego (The Fire, 1985) Ilusiones y Porfias (Memories, Dreams and Illusions, 1986) and Entresueños (In Dreamland, 1988), have earned Diablomundo a reputation as one of Argentina¹s most outstanding theatre companies.